Drumming on guitar

Drumming on guitar

Percussion guitar (drumming and playing at the same time) became very popular in the 21rst century due to Youtube. It is a totally different approach of playing, because it gives the beats and the chords at the same time. And the guitar can be a perfect percussion instrument as it has so many different sounding parts. I am also experimenting and trying to develop new techniques to drum on the guitar combining with all the flamenco tricks I know.

1. Drumming on guitar No1

This is the technique I used in Malaguena when I played the chords. The chords are the following: Amin, Emaj, Fmaj, Gmaj, Fmaj.

2. Drumming on guitar No2

The second drumming technique I use on the guitar is the breakbeat rhythm. The guitar has different sounding parts, the bridge and the wood sounds differently, so using this fact it is easy to make a variation of the drumming sound.

3. Drumming on guitar No3

This is my arrangement to play the beginning of the System of a down song: Chop suey.

4. Drumming on guitar No4

This lesson is very similar to the rumba strumming technique.