For private lessons (if you live in London, UK) please write me an e-mail: I live in East London and the lessons will take a place there.

I am about to finish my very first guitar teaching book with instructional DVD! I have been working on it with two other editors since February 2017. It is called Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques - 19 lessons for beginners and emerging guitarists. Please sign up for updates as soon you can to pre-order the book/DVD set on KickStarter!

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Want me to make new video lessons on YouTube? If so, please support me, as I am doing this on my spare time for free! Also, if you join my Patreon page as a student, you will have your name included under my new videos, be able to download free TABs, and make requests for songs, techniques and other guitar video subjects. I treat my patrons as though they are my private students, and I try to give them as much support as I can.

The metronome sessions

Picado exercises
4 weeks picado challenge
Arpeggio exercises


How to play all the major and minor chords
How to construct scales and chords
How to play the major 7th chords