For private lessons (if you live in London, UK) please write me an e-mail: I live in East London and the lessons will take a place there. Or we can arrange the lesson in your home if you live in London.

I started writing my very first music lesson book with DVD instructions! It is called Strumming techniques on the Spanish and nylon string guitar - From beginner to Virtuosity. Here you can sign up for updates, I will launch a kickstarter campaign for it very soon!

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Want me to write more lessons and make new video lessons to youtube? Than please support me as I am doing this on my spare time for free! Also if you join my patreon team you will get detailed explanations with the lessons, free TABs, you can make requests for songs, techniques etc. I treat my partons like they were my private students and I try to give them as much support as I can.

The metronome sessions

Picado exercises
4 weeks picado challenge
Arpeggio exercises

Flamenco Techniques

Drumming lessons
Flamenco triplet and exercises
Rasgueado lessons
Rumba lessons


Reading a TAB
How to play all the major and minor chords
How to construct scales and chords
How to play the major 7th chords