I am currently performing as a solo guitarist, and also playing in three different bands. My main project is De fuego, , an instrumental Spanish guitar duo which performs mostly original music and a few covers. This band plays about 40-60 gigs a year, tours in the UK and occasionally in Europe, and has recorded and released two albums. I am also a member of the female trio, Femmes fusion, , playing pop and pop-funk covers in a flamenco/rumba style. Lastly, I am the solo guitarist of Desperado's, a guitar duo, playing Mexican/mariachi music.

Edina Balczo is a UK-based professional guitarist who has been playing for more than 18 years. She is endorsed by GuitarPro software, and hosts a popular YouTube channel, The Spanish Guitar Hub, which has received millions of views and attracted tens of thousands of subscribers.

Her original compositions are shown on the top playlist, and the playlist below shows some of her Spanish Guitar arrangements of music composed by other artists.

De Fuego is a sensational guitar duo which plays energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. With their upbeat, passionate sound and percussive guitar techniques, they have gained a large following with their performances in the English summer festivals. In the past few years they have appeared at a variety of major events, including the Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Sziget Fesztival (HU), Meadows in the Mountains (BU), and have also headlined in smaller UK festivals. They recorded and released two albums "Bluebird" (2012) and "Davide" (2015), both of them have been reviewed by many world music magazines, including Fatea Magazine, Songlines, and F-roots.

Femmes fusion is a three-piece all-female band with an exciting and original sound which draws inspiration from multi-cultural fusions including flamenco, tango, jazz and soul.

The Desperado's eclectic, alluring universe comprises a selection of international Latin hits from Mexico, Latin America and Spain. The soulful voice of Alonso Gútiez and the passionate Spanish/Mariachi guitar of Edina Balczo, the two members of The Desperado’s, lend to this vibrant music a unique combination of beauty, joy and strength.