- What is picado?
- It is an alternate picking technique used for soloing in flamenco. The index and the middle fingers are used in an alternating way. The thumb is placed on the low E string, when you play the higher strings and the fingers always need to end up on the string above, this way you will get a stronger sound. Classical guitarists play free-stroke (which means the fingers do not end up in the next string) so they have a softer sound.

- What is important?
- Never repeat fingers, otherwise you cannot go fast.
- Always make really little movements in both hands, with big movements it is hard to gain speed.
- Always have a little nail, if you nail is too long it can stuck while making the movements, if you have no nail the sound will not be so strong.

- 4 weeks picado challenge
- Do the three notes per beat exercise every day for 10 minutes using the metronome.
- Start on a speed where you can still sound clean, if you start sounding messy go back to a lower speed.

Dowload the free TABS for 3 notes/beat exercise.
- Forward exercise: Guitarpro5, PDF.

Dowload the free TABS for C major scale first and second positions.
- Positions 1 and 2 Guitarpro5, PDF.

Dowload the free TABS for C major scale positions.
- Positions 3 and 4 Guitarpro5, PDF.
- Positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 Guitarpro5, PDF.