Reading a TAB

- What is a TAB?
- It is a way of notating the guitar, which indicates the frets rather than the musical pitches. It has 6 lines instead of 5 which are the strings, but the order is upside down:


The numbers on the lines indicate the frets that you have to hold, 0 means it is an open sting and you do not have to hold any frets to play that string. If you see numbers under each other you have to play them simultaneously. For example playing an a minor looks like this:


Or when you play chord you play the notes at the same time and it looks like this:


Sometimes you see the TAB and the music sheet at the same time, which I actually prefer because there you can see the rhythm at the same time. It looks something like this:

There in the music sheet (the top one) you can see a treble clef at the beginning of the staff (the five lines).
- What is a treble clef?
- It is musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of the notes. It is placed on one of the lines (G) and that line serve as a reference point. But for the guitar we use most of the time this symbol so you dont have to worry much about this.

- What is 4/4 after the treble clef symbol?
- It indicates the beats in one bar. When it is 4/4 it means there are 4 beats in one bar (there are four bars in our music sheet). 3/4 means there are 3 beats in one bar.

- What are the notes and what is the duration?
- A sign used in musical notation to represent the relative duration and pitch of a sound.

Whole note: When there is only one beat in one bar.
Half note: There are two beats in one bar.
Quarter note: Four beats in one bar.
Eight note: Eight beats.
16th note....etc.

- Where can I find the song I would like to learn?
- There is a search engine for TABs in this website: Also lot of times you only can open the TABs by a program, called guitarpro.

And at last this is my teaching video on the whole topic:)