Edina Balczó is a UK based guitarist, composer, performer, educator who is originally Hungarian and lived there most of her life, but since 2008 she has been living in East London.
   She was a self-taught guitarist for many years, but she had some private lessons from two guitarists: Andras Varga (flamenco) and Adrien Miller (jazz). Because of being self-taught for such a long time she developed her own original style, which is a mixture of flamenco, classical, percussion and Spanish jazz.
    She runs a popular YouTube channel with 23k Subscribers and about 8 million views. From 2009 January she became a YouTube partner. Because of the popularity achieved there she got an endorsement from GuitarPro, the tablature editor program and she is among their international artists.
   She became well-know in the UK festival circuit with her guitar duo, De fuego; having performed more then 10 festivals every year. Appearances included Glastonbury festival, Secret Garden party, Shambala festival, Sziget fesztival (HU). She was also touring internationally with the duo, visiting France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria. She released two albums with the duo: Bluebird (2012) and Davide (2015). The latest was the dedication of Davide Lufrano Chaves, the first guitarist of the duo who passed away from Multiplex Myeloma blood cancer. His playing and presence greatly influenced her life and style of playing. Both CDs were reviewed in well-known world music magazines, namely Songlines, Fatea, R2 etc.
    In 2015 she joined another band, called Femmes Fusion, playing flamenco, tango and pop fusion with a violinist and a singer. They are mainly covering famous songs in a flamenco style and touring around the UK.
   Her music appeared in a documentary film, called A technicolor dream (2008, Eagle Vision). And she composed the entire music of a short movie Blue Balloons (2011, I am film). She also appeared in a TV program, called Guitar Star (2015, Sky Arts). She played in several adverts of Camino spanish restaurant (2015).
   Other collaborations included: Playing in the album of Blinder (Syncretic, released 2016), a Cuban metal band, also playing with Desperado's, a London based mexican band.

"Big grins intersperse her intense performance and what she accomplishes with her guitar is nothing I’ve ever experienced before." Carrie Tang, efestivals.co.uk

"She was the first female guitarist that we endorsed" Guitarpro software