Flamenco triplet

- What is flamenco tripet?
- Flamenco triplet or sometimes called Abanico (means fan in Spanish) is one of the most typical flamenco technique. Triplet in music means dividing the beat into three measures. The sequence: down (ma), down (p) and up (p). Although flamenco guitarists tend to start with the up (p) and then down (ma), down (p).

- How do you call the fingers?


- How do you play it?
- Lot of people have different techniques and use differerent fingers, I am just telling you what have worked for me. Flamenco guitarists always start with the p finger (up), but if you would like to include a hit as well it is impossible to start like that. So for me this is the sequence: down (ma), down (p) and up (p).

The important things:
There are some very important thing that you have to follow to master it.
1. When you do your first movement you should not move your hand just your fingers (ma) and you have to remain curved and finish it literally under the srtings.
2. When you do the second movement you have to turn your wrist with your p finger.
3. In the last movement you have to turn you wrist back with your p finger.
And now you have to practice it very very slowly and at least 10 minutes every day. You can mute the strings too (just touch all the strings with your left hand) so you wont get annoyed by yourself.

I made a video close to my fingers for you to see exactly what I meant.

Adding a hit:
You can add a hit in between triplets, so it will sound more like a percussion. This is the technique of Gabriela (Rodrigo y Gabriela) and it is also called Catalan rumba. You can place a hit in between triplets and also you can do two triplets in a row and after a hit.

I made one exercise as well for you which teaches you how to change in between the normal strumming and the flamenco triplet.